Americana Quilting Thread Candlelight

Americana Quilting Thread Candlelight

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    Didn't Suit my Needs

    Recently purchased from local store because I LOVED the color -- a buttery yellow. And that's where the love affair ended. There is no marking telling you the thread weight or ply. When the thread comes off the spool, it doesn't relax and remains tightly coiled making it virtually impossible to sew with by hand or by machine. It says in the label that it is "glaced cotton" and the thread does feel like it has some kind of coating. Possibly this is meant to reduce lint or make the thread glide more easily, neither of which happened when I used it. However, maybe I should have used a larger needle? The problem was that would have put larger holes than I wanted in the fabric. Either way, I have no idea what was intended when this thread was made, but it certainly didn't work for me: free motion machine quilting, straight stitch machine sewing, sewing on a button by hand, or sewing a straight seam by hand.

    J. Gold  -   7 / 1 / 2020
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