Appliqué flower cards


I mentioned last week that the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, I’ll have projects to share that would make lovely gifts for your mom. Well, here’s this week’s! I went through some fabric scraps of previous projects, and found some flowers & petals that were just begging to be appliquéd! 

Here’s what you’ll need:


cards-2I had Ingrid Ebony and Helen Summerland / Natural leftover from previous projects, and I found these blank kraft notecards at my local craft store.


cards-5 cards-4

I looked around the fabric for part of the design that would look good appliquéd, and then just went for it! I cut out these petals and then arranged them on the card where I thought they looked the best, just to get an idea.


Now, you could put a dab of glue or tape to hold the fabric in place, but it may not be necessary, depending on your design. I did not use any. I did use a darker thread to highlight the appliqué, but that was my personal preference.


For the other fabric, I just chose a flower that would fit on my card, cut it out, and sewed it on! I found this to be pretty cathartic! I didn’t have to worry about matching seams, seam allowances, or much precision. It’s more of an ‘artful’ take on sewing, and that was nice! If you feel up to it, you could embellish with buttons, lace, and the like.


You could either add this to your momma’s gift, or stick a generous gift card in there with a sweet note, and I’m sure your mom will love it! Be sure to check back next weekend for another fun gift idea that you can personalize with fabric choices.