A little pillow talk…sham on you!

Once upon a pillow, I decided it was time to dress up the bed. I decided on shams and it gave me pause to think. What exactly is a “sham”.  Further, I realized that there are shams, and there are more shames. Like Bubba Gump shrimp, you’ve got European shams, king shams, cushion shams, basic pillow shams…sham, sham, sham shammity sham! In my mind they’re all just pillows, and I had simply merged them into my brain as one lump sum. Well, they’re not, apparently.

Part 2 Restoring a Victorian Fainting Couch – Tear Down Time

So you REALLY want to restore a fainting couch. Well welcome back! If you didn’t catch Part 1, read on. In Part 2, we’ll explore the rationale for my fabric choice, briefly explore the tear down process, and how I chose the fabric. Demo is the love-hate part for me, and you’ll soon discover why. Might be the same for you. Tell me some of your beastly tear downs in the comments. Love with no judgement here. On to the project, Her Majesty the fainting couch awaits!

DIY Divider Screen Makeover

DIY Fabric Screen Divider Ever get an idea that just won’t let go? Every time I’m in the hobby store, I see these rice paper room dividers. I love them, but even on sale, they’re expensive, and frankly, boring. I’m like, I can do this better, but I’m not paying out the nose. As luck would have it, I found one on my local Facebook Marketplace for $20. To that, I said YES! My DIY fabric screen divider was officially a GO!

What Would Edward Scissorhands Do? Why Good Scissors Matter

Episode 1 The War Ensues Good scissors for sewing are a thing to not be trifled with. A long time ago…1995 to be exact… in a marriage far, far away… a husband recklessly chose his wife’s good scissors reserved for sewing to strip conduit. 12 stitches later… True story. Married a smarter man who respects the good sewing scissors. Good man. A simple tool And they are; but look closer and you’ll marvel at their design. Let’s take a look at this “cutting edge” technology and learn why if you sew, good scissors matter.

Restoring a Victorian Fainting Couch – Part 1

Every once in a while, you come across something special; something so utterly splendid that you would be remiss, with a lifetime of regret for passing it up. Meet Rose! How could I not want to take her home! The opportunity to restore a Victorian fainting couch was too tempting to pass. The price closed the deal! Follow her journey from start to finish. Throughout this project, I ask and encourage you to comment here or on Facebook/Instagramn/Twitter. This is a very personal project for me, one I want to share with you. I hope it inspires you to believe…

How to Choose Upholstery Fabric (Hint…it’s not rocket science!)

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased (found, or were gifted, had dumped on, had left behind, etc.) a be…a…u…tearful couch/love seat/chair/vintage settee, again…etc. And you absolutely…HATE IT. So, the million dollar question where to start when you choose upholstery fabric. The answer is, I don’t know, because I don’t know what’s right for YOU. But, I do have what you need to know to make some informed decisions. Don’t forget to check out my recent (still ongoing) series You Made That Outta What? to help you sift through different fabric types to get a handle on their strength, versatility, and appropriate usage. Whether you’re having…

DIY Fabric Covered Privacy Window

Lots of decorating going on since we bought the farm. Too much to do! Too many windows, which means privacy is a challenge since I don’t want to cocoon the house in drapery! And then there are the door windows, which pose a unique challenge. This was my solution after a Pinterest (yep, a Pinterest idea) moment. Rather than putting a drape or a shade on the door which requires an installation, we’re going to install a window covering that is unique and will have your friends and neighbors wondering what you are doing, now that they can’t eavesdrop on…

You Made That Outta What? A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 4 Damask/Jacquard and While We’re at It, Let’s Just Talk About Brocade for Kicks and Giggles!

If I had your endless attention, I could really go deep on the subject of any fabric. Since I don’t, I’m going to do my best to just keep you entertained and teach you a little history while we’re there. No NO!! Don’t run away! There’s no quiz or paper due, I promise! So riddle me this. How are Jacquard/Damask Brocade and the modern day computer directly related? Wait, what? Yes, they are. And you’ll have to read on to learn how.

Sham-WOW! Make a Pillow Sham in Under an Hour

It started with an Elsa event. Elsa, my Huskie mix, has many such “events” that usually involve tearing something up that is fluffy. This time, it was a pillow sham. Thankfully not the pillow, just the sham. Which didn’t really matter though. I just bought those shams for a staging. Now I had only one and no way to repair it since the machine was packed. Elsa is fortunate that she has cute going for her… So flash forward, I still have no matching shams. I could just repair the torn one. But to be honest, sometimes a repair job…

You Made That Outta What? A Semi-Comprehensive Guide to Fabric – Part 3 Cotton Duck

And…we’re back! How often do we take the ordinary for granted; do we see the tools and necessary items in  our life as routine and take no notice? Whether it’s a pair of high tops, one of those trendy little zipper bags, the sails in your winds, or even the seat cushions on your lawn furniture, Duck is a whole lot more than you think. A close cousin to Duck Tape, their stories converge in an interesting way. So let’s dive into the history of this popular utilitarian fabric that’s getting some mileage these days.