Leather wrap bracelet


Over the next few weeks, I’m going to share a few projects that would be fun to make for your momma for Mother’s Day! This week, I’m sharing a cute faux leather wrap bracelet that can be customized to your (or your momma’s) liking. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

braceletostrichchocolate-mA few different types of cording from your local craft store (I found a few on clearance for $.97 each, down from $4.99!), and a small scrap of the faux leather ostrich chocolate. I also recommend using a leather sewing needle, and thick upholstery or leather thread.



Start by measuring your wrist. Divide the number os inches in half, then add one inch. This will be your length. (The photos are slightly inaccurate, as I changed this up a bit as I did it. I started out with too long a piece of leather, and shortened it along the way.) Cut a piece of leather that is half of what you measured your wrist to be, plus one inch, by 1.5″ wide.


Since we’ll want to wrap the straps a few times before tying, I suggest cutting 2 15″ pieces of your this cording. You can set this aside for the moment.bracelet-7

If you have a thicker cording, cut that maybe an inch or so shorter than your piece of leather.


Use a zig zag or other decorative stitch on your machine to attach the two pieces together. I like the less than perfect look here, but if you prefer something more precise, by all means, customize!

bracelet-9 bracelet-11

Now we’re going to attach the ties to the bracelet. I just sewed forward & backward several times over to attach. Make sure you backstitch for strength & stability!

Repeat on the other side, then you’re finished!!

bracelet-13 bracelet-15

bracelet-16 bracelet-19 bracelet-18