Enhance Your Lamp Shade!

After creating a custom shower curtain last week, I took stock of the other items in my bathroom and decided to update the colors on my lamp shade to match my new shower curtain. In this blog, I will explain step by step the method I followed.

Create a Custom-Made Shower Curtain!

Here are step by step instructions for creating that shower curtain you have always wanted but could not find one that screamed that is what I want. First find a fabric like I did by shopping online at www.warehousefabricsinc.com. I chose Deluxe Silk Spa. Yes, I can hear you now saying is she crazy for using a silk in the bathroom. The answer would be yes, if it was a bathroom that the shower is actually used. I just wanted to add a pop of color to a small bathroom with a tub.

1″ Outdoor Dining Cushion

Happy decorating everyone. Hope this project can inspire everyone to add some beauty to their outdoor area. A good friend of mine wanted to add pop to an outdoor area that was rather dull so we added 1″ bright cushions to her outside dining area. The result was beautiful. The fabric used was Wyken Stripe Scarlet Indoor/Outdoor Fabric from warehousefabricsinc.com.