Dec 26

Fitted crib sheet

Hi there! I hope that you had a merry Christmas & enjoyed time with loved ones! I spent the day with my husband and our recently-turned-one year old daughter, and it was so much fun. She’s definitely at the age that the wrapping paper is more exciting to play with than the actual toys inside! Thankfully, she played so hard that she took a nice, long nap, too, and while she slept, I did a little sewing for her!

untitled-7242 untitled-7240

When I saw this fabric, I knew I’d like to incorporate it into the nursery decor somehow. I decided on a sheet, and I’m so glad I did! I love the way this fabric looks in her Jenny Lind crib- just classic. 

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

angelicazink-m Two yards of Angelica Zink, 80″ of 1/4″ wide elastic, and two safety pins.


untitled-7203 *When sewing something that I know will be well-used and washed, I wash my fabric before I sew with it.

Begin by cutting the length of your fabric to 68″. Then fold it in half twice.

untitled-7242 untitled-7241

untitled-7206 untitled-7207 Once it’s folded, cut an eight inch square from the outside corners- make sure you’re cutting the outside corners, this is VERY IMPORTANT.

untitled-7209Once the corners have been cut, open the fabric back up, choose one corner, and pin the two sides right sides together.untitled-7211untitled-7212 untitled-7213untitled-7215 untitled-7218Once pinned, sew them together to create the corner pocket. Repeat until all four corners are sewn together.

If you have a serger,  would use that on all edges, since bedding tends to be washed often, least of all baby bedding, AM I RIGHT?

However, I do not own a serger, so I did a reinforcing stitch that’s a combination of straight stich + zig zag stitch in one, in addition to my regular straight stitch. If I’m going to the trouble of sewing my own crib sheet, I want it to hold up!

Remember that reinforcing stitch I just mentioned? Well, I used it around the entire sheet. Again, if you have a serger, just serge the entire thing. If not, I’d do a zig zag, then fold it over an 1/8′ or so of an inch and press. Then fold over another  1/4″ or so and press again.

Once you’ve pressed 1/4″ around the entire sheet, pin an opening(don’t forget to leave it open!), then sew around the entire sheet on the edge of the folded piece. This is your casing.

untitled-7219 untitled-7222untitled-7223


untitled-7226At this point, you should have a casing that is almost closed, with an opening of a couple inches or so. Pin each end of your elastic with a safety pin, and pin one end to the casing. Work the other end through the casing, all the way around the sheet. This takes a while. I even got a cramp in my hand, but don’t give up now- you’re almost done!

untitled-7227 untitled-7228


When you’ve worked the elastic all the way through the casing, you may unpin the other end and pin the two ends together.

untitled-7234Sew the elastic ends together. I used a zig zag & sewed over the ends about three times to be sure it will last.



untitled-7231 untitled-7232 untitled-7233untitled-7236

untitled-7238Now all you have left to do is to sew up the opening to the casing! That’s it! Sew those few inches and revel in your skills! Better yet, go slip that sheet onto the crib mattress!untitled-7242 untitled-7243 untitled-7244