Jun 12

Lets make a cushion for a glider (Part 2)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Last week we made the seat cushion, this week I will demonstrate how to make the back cushion!



















For the cushion back I used approximately 1 and a half yards of Husk Brick, 5/8 yards of zipper coil, one zipper pin lock and approximately two and a half to three yards of cord.








First step in creating the back cushion for this beautiful glider was to take the existing cushion and trace the outline onto a piece of fabric on the wrong side. Once you have the rough draft of the pattern add a half of an inch around the perimeter to allow for seam allowance.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This is the pieces cut out of the pattern I made. You will need to cut two pieces, face sides together.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Next draw your cord cover on the bias. Then cut it out.









OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Cover your cord using a zipper foot attachment.








OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now take your piping that you have just covered and add it to the face side of one of the back cushions.  When adding the cord, leave the bottom of the back cushion without the cord because your zipper will go in this area.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Place your zipper face down on the bottom of the back cushion and stitch it down. Do this to the other pieces of back cushion also.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Most glider cushions will have snaps to attach to the glider. For this I took a three and a half inch wide by five inch long piece of fabric pressed it to where I had no raw edges and then stitched in place.







OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Once I had the piece of fabric stitched, I then took and found the center of the top of the back cushion on both pieces of cushion backs and placed the piece of fabric between them and stitched this into place.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Now take and sew the back cushion together around the perimeter from one zippered edge to the other.






To finish my cushion I added the snap using a snap and pliers kit which I found at a craft store.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Look how pretty this ended up being!

Now you know how to create this beautiful cushion for your glider rocker.

Happy sewing everyone until next time!